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Procedurally generated / pixel art printable security envelope pattern generator! Lets you create a #9 envelope when printed (a good size for mailing letter size paper folded in thirds). Several areas are left blank when printed for good glue adhesion (glue doesn't work as well on top of printer ink!)

Run it here or locally:  https://nataliefreed.github.io/security-envelope-maker/

To draw, click on the pixel grid at top right. Click on colors in the palette to change the color you are using. Click small/medium/large to change the scale of the tiled pattern (small is slow, so I recommend creating in medium/large and then going to small when you're happy with your design). Click random for a random design in your currently selected color, and clear to clear the canvas.

To make an envelope: Right-click on the template (left side of screen) and choose Save Image As to download (tested on Chrome and Firefox only). Print the PNG file at 51% scale. Use dotted lines as folding guides before cutting out. Cut out along solid black lines. Add glue along back panel on blank areas. Fold in flaps and fold up back panel to create envelope.


security-envelope-maker.zip 730 kB

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